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Vacuum Destoner

Vacuum Destoner

Vacuum Destoner

Vaccum Destoner is purposely engineered to separate heavier impurities such as stones, glass, metal from food grains and seeds such as wheat, corn, peas, paddy, sesame, coffee, peanuts etc. as well as any other dry granular material. The standard way make available while using this machine for the stratification of the product into heavier and lighter fractions by forcing air through the bed of material. The suction fan connected to the machine or by connecting the machine to a Central Aspiration System that achieve in the results/outcome.

To get the superior level of separation, the inclination of the vibrating deck and the stroke of eccentric motion can be finely adjusted. With consistent and trouble free performance, the de-stoning efficiency is extremely high with the machine. The vibration of the deck is accomplished by means of unhinged vibratory motors mounted below the product discharge end of machine. The Vibrating deck pushes the heavier material in contact with deck upwards towards the stone discharge spout.

The processing of the Vacuum Destoner is very smooth and uncomplicated where lighter good material flows down the inclined, vibrating deck and exits through the clean product spout. All adjustments can be made with ease and minimum of operator training with wide variety of deck screens which are available to suit specific need.

Technical Features


Power Required in HP0.66111.5
Capacity per hour in Tonnes0.75-11.5-23-45-7
Nett Weight in Tonnes250300350450
Gross Weight in Kgs350425500625
Shipping Volume in Cu. Mtrs1.52.2534.25


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