Cashew Grader

Cashew Grader (Hawk Eye - 100)

Cashew Grader (Hawk Eye - 100)

Powered by Artificial Intelligence with Hawk Vision Technology the SPECTRUM Hawk Eye 100 Cashew Optical Graders are used for Colour Sorting & Grading Cashewnuts as per the International Cashew Grading Standards.

The Hawk Eye series currently the only machine available in the world market that can grade Cashewnut kernels upto 9 grades in a single pass and can grade the kernels into grades of 180, 210, 240, 280, 320, 400, 450 & 500, spotted, dark & testa simultaneously..

The machine not only grades Cashewnut wholes up to 9 grades but also grades splits up to 6 or 7 grades as desired, in just one pass minimizing breakage of nuts due to multiple passes, sometimes up to 8 or 9 passes that are required in other competitors machinery offering a huge advantage to our clients.

The Hawk Eye uses advanced High resolution Full Colour CCD Cameras and high intensity LED Solid State Lighting having extremely long life for sharp lighting of the Cashew kernels, scanning the product in the Red, Green and Blue region of light simultaneously. It uses artificial intelligence in order to identify the colour and profile of the kernels as well as to identify subtle defects in product quality.

The Hawk Eye eliminates the need to have a skilled and trained workforce for kernel grading and greatly increases production capacity as it can work 24/7.

It also reduces the extensive space required for manual grading in Cashew processing and eliminates contamination by human hands thus ensuing hygiene while providing standard and uniform grading by eliminating human error.

The machine is extremely easy to operate and can easily be programmed to do various combinations of separation as desired on various origins of Cashew and is fully computer controlled and requires minimum operate intervention.

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