Pressure Destoner

Pressure Destoner

Product Details:
  • Capacity: 3-4,3-4,5-7,8-10,8-10,8-10
  • Model: DS-120,DS-120H,DS-180,DS-180H,DS-210,DS-210H
  • Brand: Spectrum

Pressure Destoner performs efficient task by separating heavier impurities such as stones, glass, metal etc., from food grains and seeds such as Lentils, Legumes, Coffee, Peanuts etc. and other dry granular material. The theory improvised with the machine named Pressure Destoner that stratifies the product into heavier and lighter fractions by forcing air through the bed of material. And this is attained by means of pressure fans located in the body of the machine which is below the vibrating deck.

The heavier material in contact with the deck upward towards the stone discharge spout pushes by vibrating deck. The processing of the Pressure Destoner is very smooth and uncomplicated where lighter material flows down the inclined, vibrating deck and exits through the clean product spout.

The inclination of the vibrating deck, speed of eccentric motion, feed rate and easy control on the air flow can be individually adjusted to achieve the optimum degree of separation. A wide variety of deck screens are available to suit specific applications. All adjustments can be made with ease and minimum of operator training with wide variety of deck screens which are available to suit specific applications.

Technical Features
  • Can be connected to a Central Aspiration System.
  • Provided with clean product and stone discharge spouts.
  • Hood with windows provided for on-line product viewing.
  • Deck inclination and stroke can be finely adjusted.
  • Easy control of air flow and feed rate


Power Required in HP5.755.756666
Capacity per hour in Tonnes3-43-45-78-108-108-10
Nett Weight in Kgs715775900108010801200
Gross Weightin Kgs8509501100127012701420
Shipping Volume in Cu. Mtrs3.54.7555.755.757.25


Note :

  • Capacities are only indicative and have been specified for Wheat only and therefore may vary for different commodities.
  • In View of Improvements in design, Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


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